ElvenHut -- A Blog Constructor Based on Sinatra

Feb 09, 2013

A blog constructor based on Sinatra for building tech posts site.

Browser support

  • Tested with Safari and Firefox on Mountain Lion. All of them is the newest version.
  • Evil and OLD browsers (like IE6) will never be supported.


  1. Duplicate the config template config/config.yaml and rename it config_USERNAME.yaml (which USERNAME is your account name in unix/linux).
  2. Rewrite config/config_USERNAME.yaml, specially the database name(default: elvenhut_database), username and password.
  3. ElvenHub can only support mysql and sqlite3 now, special the adapter in config file. You should create database manually if you use mysql:
    mysql>> create database #{database name defined in config/config_USERNAME.yaml} DEFAULT CHARSET utf8;
  4. Install all dependence gems. Be sure that all gems are installed successed.
    ElvenHut$ bundle install
  5. Apply migrations to run Sequel's migrator with bin/sequel -m, and then run the server :
    ElvenHut$ rake server

New Feature

  • Feb 2th, 2013: Import archives from wordpress xml.

Fork me on GitHub (develop branch commend!)

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